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Maca comes from the root of the plant maca or maca-maca and is a world superfood. Maca grows in North America and Peru. It has a lot of benefits and it improves improve health, energy levels, hormones and gives a real wellness in the body. The superfood maca has high nutritional value and ingredients. Indicatively, it contains high calcium content. Furthermore, it contains 18% protein, 76.5% carbohydrate, 5% fat and 8.5% fiber. It gives the body 20 essential amino acids as well as magnesium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, potassium, vitamin B1, B2, C, E. Undoubtedly maca powder is a perfect superfood. Moreover, it is accepted that maca improves sexual function and smooth erectile dysfunction in men. It increases testosterone levels and fertility. According to surveys (2008) in Neurosciences center observed that maca helps to regulate female hormones and smooth functioning of menopause.

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Get the power and energy again.

1. You might add a teaspoon of maca in honey or tahini.

2. You might add a teaspoon of maca in a glass of natural orange juice or warm water.

Prefer to consume a teaspoon of maca in your diet at least once a day.

This super-food does not replace a balanced diet.

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