When you have lived in natural place, you observe, learn and feel the nature. It is true that, the nature teaches, grows up and protects all the people. It is the best experience that you feel the sun, the wind and all the smells of plants. These reasons have attracted the members of the family Koutloumpasi and they have chosen to learn and raise medical plants. It is fact that herbs solve a lot of healthy problems.

For example, the wild oregano is used to anti-bacterial medication for livestock. The sage and mushroom acts against insects. Additionally, the tea of mount Olympus and the hawthorn are useful for strong and healthy.

As years passed, herbs are loved by John Koutloumpasi and he has started to raise the fields. Later, the other members of family have decided to study Botanology in German and become beekeeper in Greece. The interesting of tradition and for healthy products creates a new idea. As a result, the third generation makes new natural products and called Divinum. Divinum is a Latin word and means godlike in English. Divinum’s products are extremely quality and natural and there are in Greece and abroad

Finally, Divinum company has strong values, social responsibility and loves tradition and innovation. Family of Divinum has lived with these beliefs and shared them with all employees, suppliers, partners and customers throughout the world