Cinnamon essential oil

Suitable for brain.


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Cinnamon essential oil comes from the bark of the cinnamon tree and its aroma is fairly spicy. Cinnamon grows in Sri Lanka, the Seychelles and Madagascar. According to the Chinese the history of “golden” cinnamon began around 2000 B.C. The Egyptians used the cinnamon because they made drugs and cosmetics. They exchanged “golden” cinnamon (350 gr) for 15 pounds sterling.

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Forbid to use it during pregnancy. Finally, the cinnamon essential oil is quite strong. Forbid it to use without you dissolve in base oil.

* Repel ants! Now, you can use your organic insecticide. You might add cinnamon essential oil in a spray bottle with water. Then, you might spray the organic insecticide on doors and windows. In this way you will manage to prevent your home from ants.

* It is true that the aroma of cinnamon activates the brain and for this reason it increases the cognition and spirituality. You might throw the cinnamon essential oil in burner and space will smell amazing.

* Cinnamon essential oil is used in cosmetics including creams (body lotion) and in soaps.

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