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Our history

When you have lived in natural place, you observe, learn and feel the nature. It is true that, the nature teaches, grows up and protects all the people. It is the best experience that you feel the sun, the wind and all the smells of plants. These reasons have attracted the members of the family Koutloumpasi and they have chosen to learn and raise medical plants. It is fact that herbs solve a lot of healthy problems.

Our philosophy

If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature's way (Aristotle "Greek Philosophy").The nature teaches and inspires us. The advantages of natural materials are a lot of and they help us to create and develop a new life style and new products. We certainly support and respect the Greek natural products and the Greek traditional.

Our area

On 1836 Pierre Martin Rémi Aucher-Éloy who was a French pharmacist and botanist started the research and study of plants at Pieria and Olympus mountains. Pieria is one of the biggest regional units in Greece. It is located in the southern part of Macedonia, in the Region of Central Macedonia. 

Our products

With great knowledge through the centuries and deep experience inherited from generation to generation Divinum brings to you pure nature products. Based on the researches of the first holistic botanologists; we serve a combination of contemporary researches and traditional practice in order to maintain both the physical and mental health of our body in a natural way.

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