Twenty detox herbs

Detoxify your body.


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Detoxification is a process which is reduced all the toxins by the body. Toxins come from unhealthy diet, fats, sugar, smoking, alcohol, drugs, environment pollution and electromagnetic charge. Body does not remove all the toxic substances as a result it suffers from different symptoms, including constipation, bloating, fatigue, bad mood, headache, hair loss, obesity, cellulite etc. This product “twenty detox herbs” detoxify the body and it eliminates toxins through liver, colon, kidney and skin. All herbs have synergistic detoxification activity and the most of them are anti-inflammatory. Moreover, the natural elixir of twenty herbs increases the metabolism and cleans the body from toxins.

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1. Reduce consumption of red meat

2. Increase water consumption 2lt least.

3. Avoid foods with preservative.

4. Consume organic foods with vitamin C.

5. Increase your physical activity.

6. Avoid the consumption of salt and sugar.

7. Control the anxiety and stress.

8. Increase the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables.

* The Mediterranean diet is an excellent balanced diet.

The tincture of twenty detox herbs contains:

1. Couchgrass (diuretic -emollient – antimicrobial – detox)

2. Burdock-Arctium lappa ( bitter)

3. Aroni (idea for muscles and tissues – antioxidant – fights heavy metals)

4. Mullein (expectorant – emollient – mild sedative)

5. Thistle (cholagogue – liver – softening)

6. Gallium (antineoplastic – astringent)

7. Echinacea (antibacterial – antifungal – anti-inflammatory -antiseptic)

8. Cedar (diuretic – Antiseptic – rheumatic – carminative)

9. Ladania-cistus (antibacterial – antioxidant – cytostatic – detoxifying – against heavy metals)

10. Lapato (smoothing – detoxifying – cholagogue)

11. Marouvio (expectorant – digestive bitter – healing)

12. Borago officinalis (diaphoretic – expectorant – tonic – inflammatory)

13. Plantain (expectorant – softener – astringent)

14. Propolis (antimicrobial activity – healing- antioxidant)

15. Oregano (microbial – anti-inflammatory – analgesic)

16. Wheat grass (rich in chlorophyll – detox-superfood)

17. Dandelion (detoxifier – diuretic – liver – bile – anti-rheumatic)

18. Ginseng (detoxifier – strengthening the immune-superfood)

19. Nettle (diuretic – astringent – purifying – tonic)

20. Fytolaka (stimulant – anti-rheumatic)

Natural drops (tinctures) are concentrated herbal extracts in alcohol. Tinctures are easy and convenient to use.

*You should add 20 drops in a little water and you should drink them three times a day. It is suggested that you consume tinctures at least one month.

*It should not be used during pregnancy or lactation.

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