Soap with rose

It cares your body and face


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The handmade soap with rose is an excellent product for the skin of the body and face. The soap rose is a best way to moisturize dry skin, giving tone and shine. It is fact that, the soap with rose is suitable for all skin types. Women love the great aroma and its properties. The soap of rose cleans depth your body and face and it is ideal for daily use because it eliminates the lines and wrinkles. Also, you might massage on wet face. Of course, you can combine it with herbal oil, for example almond oil or oil of wild rose. This will enhance the hydration of your skin and nourish the immediate and effective. You will love the handmade soap with rose and you will care with it daily.

*Soap with rose is ideal for all skin types

* Moisturizes the skin

* It offers stimulating

* Acts against ageing

*It provides deep cleaning,suitable for make-up remover

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