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On 1836 Pierre Martin Rémi Aucher-Éloy who was a French pharmacist and botanist started the research and study of plants at Pieria and Olympus mountains. Pieria is one of the biggest regional units in Greece. It is located in the southern part of Macedonia, in the Region of Central Macedonia. 

The name Pieria originates from the ancient tribe Pieres and the ancient country of Pieris. Pieria is also home to Pierus where Hermes launches himself from to visit Calypso home to Orpheus and the Muses. Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece and throne of the ancient Greek gods, is located in the southern part of Pieria. The French herbalist after "investigating" the plants of the two mountains came up with the result that the National forest of Olympus and all of the surrounding area support great varieties of plants. According to Aucher's research; 25% of Greece's plant life with more than 1700 kinds of plants grows here! Almost 187 most significant species grow in Mediterranean and European fields.

Jankaea heldreichii one of the most "powerful" species has its ancient routes (from the Ice Age) in Greece. Its climate is mainly of Mediterranean type with hot summers and cool winters; as a result these climate conditions assist in growing the best herbs and herbal products.

Since 1836 many researches have taken place in all over the world on herbal growth; on even the exact conditions as in Pieria Mountain but all fail to compete on preserving such a smooth combination of ingredients and high quality products.

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